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Guide To San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer




Guide to San Francisco Bay Area Wedding Photographer

Are you looking for your perfect San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographer? If you are getting married around the beautiful Bay, either in Napa Valley, San Francisco itself or further down the peninsula in San Jose, a wedding photographer is essential to capturing all your special moments.

You might have a lot of questions about what to look for in a wedding photographer. Your location is important to think about. If you choose a location in wine country, your Napa Valley wedding photographer should be someone experienced with shooting beautiful pictures outdoors. If you’re hosting the wedding in San Jose, a good San Jose wedding photographer should know exactly how to shoot your church or venue to look its best.

Ask yourself what kind of tone you want your pictures to have when you look back on your special day. Do you want only formal pictures, with everyone in the party arranged around you and your new spouse? Do you prefer candid shots, with sneak peeks in at everything from the bridal party’s preparation to the last happy revelers dancing the night away? Do you want someone who can mix the two?

A good way to see whether your Bay Area wedding photographer meets your demands is to check out online portfolios. Most wedding photographers should have one online, or if they don’t, be sure to ask for examples. Get a good feel for the work and ensure that you have beautiful pictures to cherish for years to come.

Tell your wedding photographer about any hang-ups you might have. Dislike how you look from a particular angle? Let the photographer know, and with some skill they make you look like an A-list in every shot. Avoiding conflict by keeping divorced parents apart? Tell your wedding photographer ahead of time so there’s no awkward shuffle when the shots need to be taken. With these guidelines in mind, you are be sure to find your best San Francisco Bay Area wedding photographer.